Corbin Village

Corbin is part of the kingdom of Threll, located on the Terrallien continent of the planet Aeva.

Corbin is a large village resting on the shores of the Imlenite River. It is the primary waterfront community in Moresby County in the kingdom of Threll. Most of the overland travel that passes from the city of Port Fairglade to towns farther inland passes through Corbin.

A wooden palisade surrounds the village with a main gate controlling access to and from the east. Several piers allow river travellers access to the village from the northwest. The wall around the village is necessary because Corbin sits on a patch of dry land between Tiller’s Marsh and the Dread Marsh. Both of these swamps are home to dangerous animals and monsters. The walls are sufficient to deal with most of these creatures, though this wasn’t always the case.

People of Corbin

The village holds almost 200 permanent residents and is actually on the verge of becoming a town as more people are drawn to this influential location. The population will soon reach a tipping point, and the village will have to grow beyond the palisade. For now, however, Mayor Crump prefers dealing with the minor problems of overcrowding over protecting citizens living outside of the village walls.

Corbin Village

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